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About Counselling

Counselling is about us coming together in a space where you feel heard, understood and not judged, so that together we can explore the issues you are facing. During counselling we give time and space to your thoughts and feelings, learning about what is happening for you and what is causing you distress. Perhaps it is a current or past relationship, or you are feeling dissatisfied with life? May be you have had an experience that you cannot get past, or fears are holding you back from achieving what you want?


How I can help

We can work together to understand your experiences, look at ways of managing difficult symptoms or find ways of making changes you want.


You might be struggling with relationships - with a partner, family, or friends, have lost someone you love, or be feeling stressed or anxious, at work or at home? Perhaps you are experiencing strong or confusing feelings, struggling with painful or traumatic experiences or feeling low or stuck, unable to move forward in your life? It can feel difficult to see how these moments can change or end when we are in the thick of them.

  • abuse- including domestic violence, childhood abuse and neglect, physical, sexual and psychological abuse

  • PTSD, traumatic and painful experiences

  • bullying and emotional abuse

  • post natal depression

  • anger

  • chronic illness, long term health conditions and their impact

  • infertility

Some of the client symptoms and issues I work with are:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • bereavement and loss

  • stress

  • difficulties with a relationship

  • low self esteem

  • feeling stuck or lost in life


How I work


My core therapeutic model is the relational model – a really powerful model that brings together the warmth of humanistic therapy and the insight of the psychodynamic approach. Sometimes there is so much going on for us that it is difficult to know exactly what we think or how we feel about something. Together we can learn what is happening in your life that is causing you distress and this can then help you accept this or find resolution. The relational model also believes the experience of being valued and accepted in the counselling relationship plays a part itself in healing our distress. It is a unique relationship and one that I feel very privileged to be part of.

The relational model can offer an effective way to look at and resolve present difficulties, but it can also support clients to explore their past, building their understanding of how the two may be connected. It can through light onto our relational patterns  - what we need from our relationships, what we expect from them and the ways in which our needs and expectations can help us or hurt us. In essence, it offers a chance to increase our understanding of ourselves and therefore increase our choice about who we are and what we do. 

I work integratively, which means I blend together other therapeutic approaches in my practice. I have completed further training and professional development working with particular methods and focusing on particular issues including:

  • Managing anxiety

  • IAPT Counselling for Depression

  • CBT

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Trauma and dissociation

  • Childhood sexual abuse

  • Inner Child Therapy 

  • Compassion Focused Therapy

  • Working therapeutically with shame and low self esteem

  • Solution-focused approach

  • Disordered eating

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

  • Assessing risk and Safeguarding

The relational model is a powerful one, giving lots of flexibility and options for how clients may want to work.

I offer face to face counselling in a pleasant central location in Wakefield with great parking and public transport facilities. I also offer counselling via Skype.

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost £45. I work with a number of insurance providers, therefore session costs could be covered via a valid referral. Please check with your provider.

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